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What happened to my ring?!?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

It could have happened when you were eating, sleeping, running, drinking, clapping, singing, or doing absolutely nothing- all you know is that one minute your ring was perfectly in tact and the next minute something is missing....

Something terrible has happened.... what now?

What to do when a diamond falls out of your ring.

This can be a sensitive subject- diamonds are rare, diamonds are expensive, your ring was expensive and this isn't supposed to happen. Many wonder where the finger of blame should be directed when they find a diamond missing in their beautiful ring. While that question may be hard to answer, an easier question is: Who should I call to get some help? Calling a jeweler you trust will give you some much needed assurance that your ring can be made whole again. If you don't know a trustworthy jeweler, you do now.

What can I do to keep this from happening again?

The best thing you can do to protect your ring is be careful. In a day where dainty in on point with the trends, and most engagement rings have several tiny accent diamonds- its important to be aware of how and when you are wearing your ring. Kickboxing, rock climbing, and gardening are just a few activities that you may want to consider not wearing your ring during. Also, pay attention to your ring and how its behaving- most of the time it will let you know when its in need of some TLC from your trusty jeweler. If your ring is snagging on clothing or towels- there is likely a small prong that needs some attention. If you feel a stone moving in its current setting, stop wearing the ring and bring it to your jeweler.

What if a diamond came out without any explanation? It could come down to normal wear and tear- just like the tires on your car- prongs that hold diamonds unfortunately don't last forever. Its important to bring your ring to be inspected by a jeweler at least once a year. Our store has goldsmiths on site, with all the equipment necessary to repair your ring in a short amount of time. We think your ring looks best on your finger- and we want to make sure we get it back to where it belongs as soon as possible.

Have more questions about repairs? Feel free to contact us on the phone or by using this link.

How much is this going to cost me?

Its hard to say how much this is going to cost to be repaired. The ring may be under warranty, the jeweler may feel like doing something nice for you today, there may be an underlying issue with the ring that needs to be addressed before the repair takes place. Its very difficult to quote a repair without a professional inspecting the ring in person.

One last thing

A small diamond falling out of your engagement ring is, as the kids say, NBD. A good jeweler will know how to replace and reset your diamond... he will also know what other work may be necessary to prevent the problem in the future. A good insurance policy will cover you in the event something catastrophic happens- we can't protect your ring when its outside of our store, but you can by insuring it properly. Companies like Jewelers Mutual make it easy to handle the repair- and getting a policy from them starts with an appraisal written by a graduate gemologist. We have two graduate gemologists on staff and do all appraisals in house- if you are interested in having us write an appraisal for you, click here for more information.

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