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     In 1995 Jeff White Custom Jewelry opened inside a small office building- with only 300 square feet- we only had room for a small jewelry display, a desk, and a jewelers bench- The space allowed for Jeff to do what he does best- collaborate with others to make their jewelry dreams a reality. The store's appointment book quickly filled up and people were scheduling design consultations weeks in advance. The store moved into a larger space and Jeff began building a team that understood the vision he had for our store.
     Twenty years later, we have a beautiful showroom in Tivoli Village with a comfortable design suite where our guests can relax and feel at ease while we work together to transmute their vision to reality. Our small workspace with barely enough room for a single workbench has grown to a state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge technology, making us a truly full-service jewelry store with over fifty years of goldsmithing experience. In addition to creating custom jewelry, we also repair existing pieces and offer a beautiful selection of in-stock designs that you won't find anywhere else in town.
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